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Royal Assembly

Back in the sixteenth century, human voices could hardly be heard in the dense local forests as the nearest settlements were scattered far beyond the winding valley of an icy fast river that took its name from the unusual monastery with an ancient name of Sula. But still from time to time the modest silence of the forest was disturbed with unusual sounds of a strong chant of horns, a clatter of horses' hooves, and agitated male voices. Every year saw a court hunting held on a large scale on the grounds once considered personal possession of the king of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania. It is clear that each of them ended up with royal hunting feast the in the open air or in a special palacelike hunting hut.

In modern times, once the revival of the manor began, the building built at the beginning of the XIX century by last Sula owners, the brilliant Lensky family was chosen to be the one to host a corner of an old noble grandeur, a place which one would find suitable enough to hold a royal reception. This is how the Royal Assembly appeared, one of the most chic and stylish rooms of the today’s manor with a large working fireplace in the corner and unique iron-coated chandeliers hung from the high ceiling between old lancet windows.

The day when the renovated hall welcomed its first guests marked the beginning of old walls of stone being decorated with expensive tapestries and handmade paintings. Now the Royal Assembly has become a gentry hall of fame with a collection of portraits of the kings of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Dukes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Today it enjoys a well-deserved reputation of a hospitable and solemn place to hold balls, weddings, business meetings and receptions, conferences, and many other celebrations.

Surrounded by walls of stone left untouched by neither cruel time nor by trends of one époque followed by another, you can breathe in the air of antiquity, mixed with modern tourist center facilities. These two things combined create a unique and incredibly attractive atmosphere. Hopefully, pleasant semi-darkness of ancient walls will evoke in each of our guests only most bright and noble dreams and aspirations, worthy of the highest royal dignity.